Incorporating leadership and teamwork skills into all project management areas


We incorporate leadership and teamwork principles in all our project work to improve communication, understanding and implementation.



Strategies developed without input and participation of the senior management or product management teams are usually poorly understood and rarely implemented. Our process encourages cross-functional input and strategy testing and evaluation. This is sure to improve not only the quality of the strategy, but also the probability of successful implementation.


In certain cases, we use the StratLab simulation as a teambuilding tool to help bring together different views on a complex strategic or business problem. In other situations, we work with leadership and team-training experts that are involved in multi-year organizational transformation and culture change programs.


Case Example   

An organizational development specialist engaged by senior management for a multi-year, multi-division culture change   process involved some of the seniormanagement sessions to help develop a shared "business model" and better understanding of the competitive industry. Sessions were videotaped and the tapes used to coach individual members on their team problem-solving skills.

Case Example    

In another case, after working with a senior management team to develop a strategy,  teamwork training was used in selected divisions to improve understanding of the strategy and build implementation success down the line.


Change is always difficult. We believe our approach to strategy development and leadership development is unique and very valuable to any organization, especially those undergoing industry transitions and/or dramatic change.

Our independent assessments and tools do improve the chances for success.


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